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Final exam marketing “Giordano”

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Final Exam Marketing

Name                          : Stanley Kartawinata

NIM                            : 2007110055

Class                           : 11-5A

Module Tutor            : Immanuel Hutagalung M.Sc

Subject                       : International Marketing

1. SWOT anaylis of giordano

The strength of Giordano company was first it was at its service because the specialty of Giordano was to give the customer a diiferent feel than the other market store, girodano target was to make the customer feel happy when they enter the Giordano store and by this idea, Giordano make sure that every customer who came to their store are welcome with smile and they can try all Giordano clothes freely without limited time and also reservation all kind of things within 3days, side sewing and button adding for free, and also refund things without limited time besides their strength, they also had a weakness and the weakness is their target customer because Giordano price was not to high so they can not reach the higher class of customer because most of the customer that in higher level will feel down if they use Giordano because all kind of people can use Giordano and that is the problem for giordano and they opportunities was to reach the new market in the new country such as Us and Canada because Giordano was very focus on promote and advertising their product so it wont be to hard for them to reach a new market in new country. And the last was thread, their biggest thread was come from their competitors, there are 2 kind of competitors for Giordano they was retailer with the same target market as Giordano and retailer that had high target market from retailer that has the same level with Giordano there are Hang Ten, Bossini, and Baleno, and from retailer that has higher target market there are Gap, Inc., Esprit, and Theme.

2. STP of Giordano

For the segmentation, we know that Giordano main product was casual clothes so Giordano segmentation was for all gender of customer in range from 15 years old to 30 years old and because Giordano was sold the product in average price so the product was in reach of the customer and for the targeting, Giordano target market was many kind from adult  men and women and also teenagers, kids and youngsters. And the last was positioning for Giordano, Giordano positioning in market industries was value for money because the image of Giordano was built by their service, Giordano mean service that was the main image that was built by Giordano and the positioning that had been made by Giordano make the customer feel satisfy when visiting every stores of Giordano and give the customer price that they can reach.

3. The growth strategies that giordano use

– Computerization : The POS terminals that are used to record and transmit flows of stocks to a mainframe computer which then aids in controlling stock flow of inventory.

– A tightly controlled menu : It mainly focus on a few items whose demand and desirability can be closely monitored.

– Frugality : curbed spending on advertising and tight inventory control

– A dedicated workforce in all outlets that provides quality service: In order to maintain this Giordano follows stringent selection procedures to ensure only desired employees are chosen, conduct workshops on “attitude training”, follows rotational on the job training method and performance related pay systems on the basis of periodic performance evaluations.

– Simplicity and speed of operations: Giordano maintained a flat organizational structure and this facilitated easy communication between people within the organization, helped to make speedy decision and to manage the project efficiently.

– A recognized brand: Giordano has received awards such as: The American Service Excellence Award, ISO 9002 Award and People Developer Award which helped Giordano to establish their brand as a familiar one in over 30 countries.  All these competitive advantages and sources should be maintained by Giordano in order to keep its current competitive position and there are some other competitive advantages that should be developed by Giordano in future. The future competitive advantages can be gained through investment into the development of employees and continued development of a learning organization which may not be gained by the other competitors.

4. Explain and analyze the 7p’s of Giordano

the 7 p was price, place, product, promotion, physical evidence, people and process and first im gonna explain about product in Giordano, we know that Giordano main product was casual clothes for men and women and also kids and youngsters but we also know if Giordano only sells that they can not reach the target they want so we must know that the true product that Giordano was service and satisfying the customer so the product that Giordano was offer usually it is same by the needed of customers nowadays and after that the price for Giordano product was made very reasonable and equal to the quality of the product that they offer to customer and Giordano never rise the price of their product if there was not any necessary needed so the price was standard and reachable by the customer in middle class to the higher class and here is the example of price and product of Giordano

Lycra Tee White for women The price is $30.00

Long Sleeve White for men The price is $30.00

And for the place of Giordano store they always place the store in a comfortable ways and very strategic because there was a lot of people that hanging around and many civilian that come to Giordano because they feel comfort in the stores and a good service and here is the example where Giordano always put their store in a strategic place

Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Rd #02-05 Plaza Singapure S(238839)
The Central 2 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-01/02 The Central S059817
Ngee Ann City 391 Orchard Rd #B2-28/29A & 29B/30/31 Ngee Ann City S(238872)
Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure/Transit Lounge West Unit No 021-47C Terminal Changi Airport

For Giordano physical evidence, the first was come from the service of Giordano that first prior in this business was services so they give the best action to make the customer feel safe and comfortable in their store and make them to come more often and the second was the place, Giordano always put their store in the perfect spot and there are a lot of people that come across the store so when they see the Giordano store they first image was comfort and feel enjoy to get in to Giordano stores and the last was the product placing in stores, Giordano can put the product they sell in the most easy to watch by customer and make the customer more easy to see the product they want and make them feel enjoy to see the product in Giordano.

And next is the promotion Giordano always focus on their promotion and advertising, there is a lot of competitor like hang ten, GAP, etc but there was not any company like Giordano that always focus on advertising and almost every budget they use was for promotion and campaign to attract people to awareness of Giordano and here is the example of Giordano promotion in the magazine that we use to read

Next is the people, Giordano was very success in maintain they relationship start from they own employee because they give they employee a personal training for building a good relationship with a customer and that will make the customer that comes to Giordano stores more easy to tell what they want and what they really need because of the easy communication between the employee and customer

And the last was Process, Giordano process was very simple but smart they use computerize system to help them maintain their thing such as stocks, items, selling, and buying and the system they used call IT ( information technology ) and this system really help them to make the transaction more easy with the customer.

5.Why does GAP, Esprit and Theme are also the competitors of  Giordano

At first the main competitor of Giordano was like hang ten, bossini, and baleno but because the positioning was gradually moved and the retailer was getting weaker by the day because of the asian economic crisis that still happen nowadays and now Giordano have to face the retailer that have the higher level of target market such as GAP, Esprit, and Theme.

GAP became the competitor of Giordano because as the Giordano, GAP also include all kind of customer range of age to their target market so Giordano also become the competitor of GAP.

Esprit became the competitor of Giordano because Esprit was positioned as a value for money retailer with a good quality that was the same as Giordano positioning and that is make the Esprit become the competitor of Giordano

Theme became the competitor of Giordano because Theme was first their main product was high class business women clothes but they change they product become a casual product for women and it is become the main competitor for Giordano ladies that sales the same product.

6. should Giordano reposition itself against its competitors in its existing and new market? Would it be necessary to follow different positioning strategies for different market (e.g. US versus Canada market)?

Giordano’s current positioning strategy is based on providing “value-for-money merchandise of discounted casual unisex apparel.

Giordano repositioned its brand to focus on value-added products and broadening it appeal by improving on visual merchandising and apparel. The company also emphasized on the merchandise that is relatively mid-priced which means “inexpensive yet contemporary and trendy”, and offers quality, value and excellent customer services. Now the fact is whether or not Giordano should reposition itself against its competitors in its current and new markets. Repositioning is not necessary for the entire company because Giordano’s relatively mid-priced positioning worked well: “the inexpensive yet trendy” clothing appealed to America’s frugal customers, especially during the America economic crisis. However, with the America economy booming, customers now have more disposable income and spending power. Thus, Giordano could find it worthwhile to alter their brand image into a more high-value, high-quality and therefore higher price market.

This could mean primarily repositioning Giordano as a higher priced and higher value brand.  Giordano must continue to be creative in their promotions. Perhaps they should spend more on traditional advertising, as they spend less on advertising and promotion than close competitors.  A spokesperson, McCann- Erickson, in his one comment about Giordano was that it was a “good brand but not a great one. Compared to other international brands, it doesn’t shape opinion”. A competitor of Giordano is Esprit. They are seen as more upmarket than Giordano, whilst being stylish and trendy. However, Esprit promoted a “lifestyle” image, even though it is positioned similarly to Giordano.  So, Giordano could re-launch its image, to be more stylish and thus promoting a lifestyle and not just a brand.   It is not necessary for Giordano to follow same positioning strategies for different market but it will depend on the market condition of a particular whether to follow standardized or customized strategy. The company can go after with standardized positioning strategies “value-for-money merchandise” for different market within the same region like South East Asian countries. But before implementing this standardized positioning strategy Giordano needs to understand the single market on the basis of consumer’s tastes and preferences about the product and promotional activities. On the other hand, the other successful strategies of Giordano in proving excellent customer services, information system and logistics and human resource policies and practices should be implemented tactically for different markets. It means customized strategies should be developed for different countries even within America because there are some variations between countries in terms of their economic, cultural and social factors.

7. Good Afternoon Giordano

This word was necessary to use in Giordano store because they always concern about he customer happiness when they come to the Giordano store and words like good afternoon Giordano or welcome to Giordano make the customer feel comfort and appreciate when they come to the Giordano store so it was necessary to say this sentence.

8. The management

Giordano Company’s main competitive strengths which can be transferred to other market are: the experience of the employees, inventory controlled system, HRM practices but the policies should be different for each country and can use the established distribution, marketing and inbound channels members in order to market their product out side the home country.  IT strategy which is currently used by Giordano, it should not adopt the same strategy for other countries where they are planning to expand their business. Because the IT infrastructure for each country in Asia and other continents may not be the same and the current IT strategy of Giordano may not be supported by that particular country’s technological structure. Giordano needs more efficient, cost effective, and secure internal communication platform which will link its many sites in Hong Kong and other host countries. As the cross border business of Giordano is increasing, the company needed a comprehensive communications tool that would help Giordano employees conduct multisite management meetings, share documents and collaborate for fast business decisions and quality customer service. In such scenario Giordano can go for partnership with the IT company (Like Microsoft), through which they can install such a server and software through which they can equipped their staff with real time teamwork and presence capabilities that dramatically increased productivity. At the same time they can decrease its multi-national direct dialling and travel cost, as well as IT management costs. The marketing mix strategies that are followed by the Giordano for the existing market should not be the same for new markets where the company is willing to enter. The marketing mix strategies mainly deal with arrangements of the 4 Ps’. So the strategies regarding product price, price, place and promotion should not be the same for all target countries as the market differs in terms of their economic, cultural, social and political environment. But the successful strategies which are currently used for other market can be used by Giordano as guidelines and can develop tactical strategies for different market according to the market situation and customers’ requirement.

9. Recommendation

From the above analysis we have some recommendation for Giordano. These are:

-It is essential to start promotions to increase brand awareness when starting businesses in new market.

-The location and site selection for establishing Giordano’s outlet in different country will be critical. The company should carefully select the site to position their stores which will be convenient for the customers.

-Customer is the key and main factor for differentiation is customer care. The company needs to follow customized customer service strategy for each market segment.

-Giordano needs to find out possibility of outsourcing to maintain low costs

– Extensive market research is needed to investigate designs and fabrics required by the target customers


The difference tactics and strategies took by Giordano in Indonesia compare to other markets ?

In Indonesia Giordano strategies and tactics was to make Giordano is the higher level product different than the other country, in Indonesia Giordano product was concern as a higher class clothes and this image was built by Giordano from the first they launch they product but if we see from the other country we know that the level of Giordano is not that high or even more low but that was the strategies and tactics that Giordano was build in Indonesia to make customer believe that it was the higher level products.

;flwipo normal;mso-bidi-font-weight:bold’>Melakukan kegiatan penitipan untuk kepentingan pihak lain berdasarkan suatu kontrak

  • Membeli melalui pelelangan agunan, baik semua atau sebagian
  • Menyediakan pembayaran dan melakukan kegiatan lain yang lazim dilakukan oleh bank sepanjang sesuai dengan undang – undang dan ketentuan yang ditetapkan BI
  • Aktifitas Ekonomi yang dibenarkan oleh syariah

    1. Bersifat produkti
    2. Tidak eksploitatif
    3. Berkeadilan
    4. Tidak bersifat spekulatif
    5. Anti-Riba

    Produk perbankan islam di Indonesia

    1. Al Wadi’ah (simpanan) adalah sejumlah uang yang dititipkan nasabah pada bank syariah dari satu pihak ke pihak lain, baik perorangan maupun badan hukum
    2. Pembiayaan dengan bagi hasil

    Pada sistem ini ada 4 akad utama yaitu :

    –          Al musyarakah

    –          Al mudhrabah

    –          Al muzara’ah

    –          Al musaqah

    1. Bai’al murabahah adalah kegiatan jual beli pada harga pokok dengan imbalan keuntungan yang disepakati
    2. Bai’as salam adalah pembelian barang yang diserahkan di kemudian hari, sedangkan pembayarannya dilakukan di muka
    3. Bai’al istishna adalah kontrak penjualan antara pembeli dengan produsen (pembuat barang)
    4. Al ijarah (leasing) adalah akad pemindahan hak guna tas suatu barang atau jasa, melalui pembayaran uaph sewa, tanpa diikuti pemindahan kepemilikan atas barang itu sendiri
    5. Al wakalah (amanat) adalah penyerahan atau pendelegasian atau pemberian mandat dari satu pihak ke pihak lain
    6. Al kafalah (garansi) adalah jaminan yang diberikan penanggung kepada pihak lain untuk memenuhi kewajiban pihak kedua atau yang ditanggung
    7. Al hawalah (anjak piutang) adalah tindakan pengalihan uang dari seseorang yang berutang pada orang lain untuk menanggungnya
    8. Ar rahn (pegadaian) adalah kegiatan menahan salah satu harta milik si peminjam sebagain jaminan atas pinjaman yang diterimanya

    Bank Perkreditan Rakyat

    Bank yang menerima simpanan dari masyarakat hanya dalam bentuk deposito berjangka, tabungan, atau bentuk lainnya, dan memberikan pinjaman kepada masyarakat

    Usaha dan fungsi BPR

    1. Menghimpun dana dari masyarakat dalam bentuk simpanan, berupa deposito berjangka, tabungan, dan bentuk lainnya
    2. Memberikan kredit
    3. Menyediakan pembiayaan dan penempatan dana berdasarkan prinsip syariah, sesuai ketentuan yang ditetapkan BI
    4. Menempatkan dananya dalam bentuk SBI, deposito berjangka, sertifikat deposito dan tabungan pada bank lain

    Alasan pemanfaatan perbankan dalam kehidupan sehari – hari

    1. Sikap hidup hemat
    2. Penghasilan
    3. Keamanan
    4. Produktivitas

    Peran siswa dalam pemanfaatan perbankan

    1. Tabungan siswa
    2. Pengiriman uang
    3. Asuransi

    Produk yang dapat dimanfaatkan penabung

    1. Tabungan dan transfer uang antar rekening tabungan
    2. Sertifikat deposito
    3. Deposito dollar
    4. Jasa penyimpanan
    5. Kartu debit
    6. Kartu kredit
    7. Jasa – jasa lain

    Manfaat produk perbankan bagi pengusaha

    1. Simpanan giro (demand deposit)
    2. Kliring (clearing)
    3. Inkaso (collection)
    4. Berbagai jenis kredit

    Beberapa produk kredit dari bank

    1. Kredit reimburs untuk perdagangan
    2. Kredit Aksep untuk mendapat uang tunai
    3. Kredit Dokumenter untuk mendapatkan kredit menjamin dengan jaminan dokumen
    4. Kredit dengan jaminan surat berharga

    Jasa – jasa bank bagi pengusaha :

    1. Bank membeli atau menjual valuta asing bagi pengusaha
    2. Bank dapat menyimpan barang – barang berharga milik pengusaha
    3. Bank memberi garansi bank
    4. Bank mengeluarkan kartu ATM

    Lembaga Keuangan Bukan Bank (LKBB)

    Badan usaha yang bergerak di bidang keuangan yang secara langsung atau tidak langsung menghimpun dan menyalurkan dana kepada masyarakat


    Suatu perjanjian antara tertanggung dan penanggung untuk merundingkan ganti rugi yang diderita tertanggung yang akan diganti oleh penanggung setelah tertanggung menyepakati pembayaran sejumlah uang yang disebut premi

    Leasing ( sewa guna usaha)

    Setiap kegiatan pembiayaan perusahaan dalam bentuk penyediaan barang – barang modal untuk digunakan oleh suatu perusahaan dalam jangka waktu tertentu berdasarkan pembayaran secara berkala


    Pemberian izin pemakaian suatu barang atau uang kepada orang lain dalam jangka waktu tertentu dengan jaminan atau tanpa jaminan dan dengan bunga atau tanpa bunga

    Jenis kredit

    1. Jenis kredit berdasarkan sumber kreditnya

    –          kredit dalam negeri

    –          kredit luar negeri

    1. Jenis kredit berdasarkan tujuan penggunaan

    –          kredit produksi

    –          kredit konsumsi

    1. Jenis kredit berdasarkan ada tidaknya jaminan

    –          kredit blangko

    –          kredit berjamin

    1. Jenis kredit berdasarkan jangka waktu pemberian kredit

    –          kredit jangka pendek

    –          kredit jangka menengah

    –          kredit jangka panjang

    Syarat – syarat pemberian kredit

    1. Karakter (character)
    2. Kemampuan (capacity)
    3. Modal (capital)
    4. Jaminan (collateral)
    5. Kondisi ekonomi (condition of economy)

    Prinsip 5P

    1. Party
    2. Purpose
    3. Payment
    4. Profitability
    5. Protection

    Prinsip 3R

    1. Returns
    2. Repayment
    3. Risk

    Kebaikan pemberian kredit

    1. Meningkatkan produktivitas
    2. Memperlancar arus barang dari produsen ke konsumen
    3. Memperlancar transaksi dagang
    4. Mengaktifkan fungsi uang
    5. Pemerataan pendapatan

    Keburukan Pemberian kredit

    1. Kredit cenderung memberi kesempatan kepada orang untuk melakukan transaksi yang bersifat spekulasi
    2. Mendorong orang untuk meningkatkan konsumsi yang terkadang diluar kemampuan peminjam untuk mengembalikannya
    3. Kelebihan produksi dan inflasi

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