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Stanley kartawinata

Jl. Kelinci raya no46

Jakarta pusat

Pasar baru

Date of Birth                :           21November1988

Place of Birth               :           Jakarta

Sex                              :           Male

Religion                        :           Budhist

Marital Status              :           Single

Formal Education

Formal Education

2007-present  :           Semester 6 at STIKOM-The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta with GPA 2.98

Majoring in Mass Communication

2005               :           Senior High School  SMAK3 BPK PENABUR JAKARTA

Majoring in social studies (IPS)

Organizational Experiences

Organizational Experiences

2007-present  :           Film and Television Club (FTVC) in STIKOM LSPR

2010               :           Cast of the little mermaid as “ The king triton

2006-2007     :           Member of LSPR Hockey Team

2004               :           Head of Committee for High School new student orientation day

Honor, Award, and Certification

2007               :           Workshop FTVC ( Film and Television Club ) with Mr. German  (Cameraman CNN Indonesia ), Mr. Agung ( Jak TV ) at Millennium hotel – Jakarta

2007               :           Certificate in english at advanced 2 level From ILP

2007               :           Certificate in english at advanced 2 level from amec english course

Computer Skill

  1. Microsoft Office (Word, excel,)
  2. Graphic Design: Microsoft In-Design
  3. Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.
Additional Information
  1. My vision in life as professional: To be a multitask ability, skillful and creative Film maker that able to create entertaining educative and high quality Films.
  2. My immediate goal in life: To start my career in Film industries
  3. My strengths: able to work with deadline, team player, eager to learn, responsible, work hard, creative, initiative and dynamic person, endurance of pressure and mentally equipped.

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