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Shampoo Dove

  1. Strength

– make hair become smooth and soft

– making hair strong

– making hair do not have any branch

– every type of hair can use this shampoo

– give an anti dandruff protection to hair

– public can accept the product very well

– this product already well known by a lot of public user

– have bigger responsibilities because give hotline number for the user   that can give us information to improve the product

  1. Weakness

– the price is high rather than the other shampoo product

– the product not really well known in public user

– public still can not believe in this product

– the shampoo hard to get if not in the wholesaler or retailer

  1. Opportunity

– there’s still a lot of people who interested in this product and want to  try to use it even if its new

– even if the price is above the average price but the public economic condition still can have it

– we market the product to the place that never know about dove

  1. Threat

– the threat is coming from the other competitor like rejoice or pantene wich already in shampoo market for a long time

– because the price is too high that can make the consumer move to another product that have the more lowest price


  1. Sosial and culture

Indonesian people have usual habit like to try a new product and feeling curious to the product that have a good quality

2.   Technologycal and product inovation

After launching a new product like normal hair and essential core after that there’s moisturizer therapy and the last one anti dandruff. Dove launch a new produt that perfectly suit the public hair

  1. Education, Training, Employment

Dove have been export to other country like malaysia, singapore and the other country near to Indonesia

  1. Political

Dove have a lot of competitor such as herbal essence, clear and pantene

  1. Legal

Shampoo dove have  a legal production license

  1. Enviromental protection

Shampoo dove have a good quality so make the costumer not easy to change to other product


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April 7, 2010 at 4:49 pm

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